I am a recovering credit card addict and I am also a recovering budget buster.

I have walked in your shoes. I have learned some lessons and I want to share how I overcame those really bad habits with you. And in doing so, hope that I can help put you on a road to financial freedom.

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Prosperity Strategist, & Mentor

I provide the support and education necessary to begin a life of greater prosperity by guiding clients to the cornerstone of generational wealth building.

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Open the door to money matters!

Experts in web design, we craft award-Let’s talk about having perfectly, imperfect common cents. Let’s talk about why you’re having difficult saving. Why are you spending your money in places you shouldn’t? What is holding you back from beginning to put aside money for your future, retirement, and security?

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 Helping to put you on a road to financial freedom

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Superior customer service

Patrice is phenomenal! She is there to guide you through this process every step of the way. And talk about customer service…Patrice was in constant contact with me via text, phone, and email. If I called and she was on the other line, I would receive a txt from her immediately letting me know she would call me back ASAP. Couldn’t ask for a better person to work with on what is a very complex process for most people.

I highly recommend Patrice and her team for all your lending needs!

Denise F.

Patrice has been great to work with. It’s been a pleasure having her as my mortgage broker on multiple occasions. Friendly and always available anytime I have questions. I will be using her again in when the time comes.

Matt Morrison