Patrice Bobo-Miles – Prosperity Strategist & Mentor

Patrice has been engrossed in the mortgage industry for the past 23 years.  

She has been married for 33 years to the love of her life Mike and has been blessed with two beautiful, successful, and generous children Aaron age 30, and Alyssa age 24.

Patrice got into the mortgage business when the mortgage broker who provided the financing for her first home purchase offered her a job once the home loan was clear to close.  Her first job was as a loan processor but within 2 years she moved into loan origination.  

After 10 years in the business, the real estate market crashed and the healthy income that she earned as an originator was gone.  She and her family almost lost their home and she  was considering bankruptcy to get out from underneath crippling debt.  Fortunately, neither of those things happened.  

Patrice work closely with her buyers in their home purchases.  Under the umbrella of her business, P. Bobo-Miles Collective, LLC she works with clients to teach responsible money management and credit. Offering then the guidance and tools to become financially stable.